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Hunter is attending an art gala event in New York City to debut his newest creations. The centerpiece of the art show is his newly created Chimera statue, which is situated in the middle of the large gallery.

Other pieces on the wall are all mythological-themed. There are crayon-pencil drawings of famous stories of the Greek Gods and their heroes. There is also a large realistic drawing of Kendra, cropped down to just her eyes, so it looks like she is staring out into the art gallery itself.

There are literally hundreds of people attending tonight. Honestly, it makes Hunter a little nervous being around so many people.

But he is dressed for the event, with dress shirt and jacket and dark blue jeans. He has not been introduced as the artist yet -- but really, that is his preference. He would rather not have all these eyes focused on him. Instead, he can stand near the wall and watch everyone as they tour around his artwork, and witness their reactions.
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The time has come for Hunter to finally get his completed sculpture shipped out of his house. He had been putting it off for nearly a month now. The sculpture was finished just before Christmas, which had given him some time to sent some hand-made Christmas gifts out to his friends.

He had a pretty relaxing Christmas in general, just tiding up around the house because marble dust had seemed to get everywhere. Plus using a marble wax to put a protective shine over the completed art work. Hunter was pretty happy with how the statue had turned out -- each of the three different animal heads looked like they were about to attack. The body itself was in a protective pose, leaving it up to those who viewed it if the Chimera statue was protecting something, or was just on the attack without reason.

Hunter didn't know why it had taken him so long to make arrangements for the statue to be moved out of his apartment and into a gallery, to be shown to the public. After all, the statue itself was quite bulky, and took up a lot of space in his little studio apartment. But there was a piece of his heart attached to the statue, and so perhaps the extra time was needed for Hunter to make peace about what inspired the statue, and where he was now in his life.

A knock on the door signaled the commissioned movers, who would be taking the statue out of his apartment and to the gallery. The one good thing about PINpoints was that Hunter could get the statue moved out of a portal, instead of having to worry about removing any doors to get the large statue out of his apartment.

He watched carefully as they covered the statue, and made the final preparations to move it through the portal into the awaiting gallery. He took a deep breath as they left with it.

The apartment seemed emptier without it... but at the same time, there was still lots of inspiration around him for future art projects. Hunter felt fortunate that he had found the Nexus, the friends he had made since arriving there, and how far he had come as an artist, and a person in general. It was a good feeling. And he felt confident that this would be a good year.
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Hunter walks cautiously towards Verity's apartment door, balancing a few gifts in his arm for one of his closest friends in the world.

He had wanted to do something special for her. He had thought about a surprise party, but wasn't sure if that would cause any issues considering Verity's abilities. Plus, there he didn't want to accidentally not invite someone who was important to Verity.

She was very important to him. And Hunter wanted to show her that, the best way he could. And so, Hunter had worked a few weeks on a few special gifts, that were currently wrapped up in pretty, glittery boxes.

Approaching the door, Hunter delicately balanced the boxes for a moment, so he could knock and let Verity know that she had a guest.
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For the last few weeks, Hunter has been spending a lot of time on his marble sculpture. Most of the sculpture is roughly exposed now, with no large blocks of marble remaining to be seen. But it is now getting to the delicate work, which takes a lot more time and patience.

Hunter has a lot of time and patience right now. One of the nice things about being an artist is that most of his deadlines are flexible. And right now he only has a few other commissioned work, which he is able to work on, during extended breaks away from the marble piece.

Much of Hunter's mind has been on Kendra, and how her most recent dream could have meant that he needs to go back, and reflect on the memories and experiences he had as a child, youth and young man. The life of Kyle, before he became Hunter.

And so today, needing an extended break from the marble work, Hunter decides that perhaps he should take a walk through his old neighborhood.

He doesn't want to go alone. So of course, that is one of the benefits of having a symbiotic creature in his household. He can always depend on Faris being around.

"Faris?" He calls out into the apartment.
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Hunter has been pretty distracted the last few days, working on his large marble project. Working on marble is lot more messy than any painting he has done before. He has a large drape cloth covering the majority of his art studio, to protect the floor from marble dust.

The carving takes time too. He has made a lot of good progress on the upper-half, that if someone tried hard enough to figure out what he was making, they would see the initial signs of a Chimera being carved out of the stone.

But even with the desire to complete this project (which seems to be consuming him at times), Hunter has not forgotten about Faris. Or that he still wants to try to help Faris to find his door, and the one person who has the ability to do that is Schön.

So, Schön was invited over the apartment, so they can discuss Faris' situation and hopefully find his doorway. Right now, Hunter is dusting, so there is no excess dust in the air before his guest arrives.

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The great thing about having access to [community profile] nexus_sages is that it is a great place to RP. And now there are so many plot bunnies in my mind right now. It is great to see Hunter thriving.

Pretty soon I will be moving forward with a 'Witch in Darkness' plot for Hunter. It will include him working through some obstacles to finally find Kendra, and uncover a whole lot of problems. I sort of imagine a secret fairy/witch world just waiting to be discovered.

Also, during this plot, I will be unlocking some minor magical abilities for Hunter. I have decided on art-awakening magic, where he can temporarily give life to a painting or an art piece. He will also be able to awaken the magic in his tattoos again. Excited for this.

In this regard, I have created an NPC journal at [personal profile] maze_ofthorns. At this moment, I have not decided if Kendra will have access to the Nexus Forum, I am leaning heavily on the NO side of the equation.

Anyone on my friend's list who wants to get involved in this plot, let me know by responding here.
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Hunter was laying outside, on a bench in his rose garden. A pair of sunglasses that had once belonged to Lindy covered his eyes. His Ipod set to a variety of rock songs pounded in his ears.

In the art studio, a special canvas had been completed. And right now, Hunter felt very calm about his life. Even the emotional challenges he had faced after attending Lindy's wedding seemed to be miles away.

In fact, he felt a little more at peace. So without even thinking about what might happen, or overthinking things, Hunter picks up his PINpoint, sending a quick message to Wil.

I have a painting for you. Did you want me to drop it off, or did you want to pick it up?
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While Hunter did need a night out at the bar after a troubling week, he is smart enough to know that alcohol is not the best way to deal with one's problems. And he was able to talk some of the problems out with Schön that same night...

But really, there are just times when he needs someone to hold him, in addition to comforting him.

Of course, he doesn't want to show up empty-handed. So he had spent a good afternoon baking, using one of the many ingredients he had since learned from Verity. His final result was a batch of cupcakes, which he then decorated to look like miniature carnations.

Armed with the bouquet of cupcakes, Hunter soon arrives at Verity's apartment. She wasn't expecting him, but hopefully she will be home when he knocks on the door.
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It has been a quiet week for Hunter. One of the advantages of the quiet is the fact that Hunter has had lots of time to work on his artwork. (Perhaps a little bit too much time, in all reality).

So receiving a message from Verity was a good thing, all things considered. Hunter really had wanted to speak to her, about some small things going on in his life. And just have a fun night with a great friend. So they had decided to have a good-ol' fashioned sleepover.

Knowing that Verity was going to stay the night -- and having no qualms with sharing his bed with his good friend -- Hunter had made sure to bring out his best rose-themed sheets for the King-sized bed.

He also raided the closest convenience store to stock up on a few snack goodies for the evening. But of course, for the wine selection of the evening, Hunter went to one of his favourite stores. There he also picked up some cheese selections of the evening.

Almost was ready for Verity to arrive. Hunter's apartment is very open concept. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all visible from the doorway. Of course, his art studio is a little more tucked away -- close to the balcony, and where Hunter grows his roses.
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The evening on which Schön and Hunter had agreed upon a TV marathon to watch 'Twilight Zone' episodes had come very quickly, even though it had been a couple of days since the Spring Fair and the last time they had spoken.

Hunter had a lot of artwork to keep himself occupied in the time between the two events. There were a couple of sketches in his notepad from the evening of the Spring Fair that he had wanted to get on canvas. Some are watercolors. Some are color pencils. Some are using the rose petals, soaked in paint. In all aspects, he had been busy.

During the day, before Schön would arrive at the apartment, Hunter had been quite busy finishing a charcoal piece depicting an elderly couple sharing an intimate, and touching moment. He wrapped that up right before he was expecting Schön, so had to jump in the bathroom quickly to get cleaned and dressed for the evening.

Then he went into the kitchen to bring out the snacks that he had prepared for the evening. There are delights such as cranberry pretzel clusters, brownie batter popcorn, assorted chocolate-dipped fruit (bananas, kiwis and strawberries), and a cheese platter. For a wine choice, Hunter had selected a Wild Vines strawberry white zinfandel.

With everything else in place, Hunter does one more walk-through of his apartment, to make sure everything is prepared for his guest.
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Is it Madness or is She Lost )

((ooc: Yes, this scene is open to others. As long as you know where Hunter lives... and feel that your character would find him.))
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CHARACTER NAME: Hunter (a nickname that he prefers)

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: If it is warranted
Fourthwalling: No thank you
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None jump to my mind

Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes. But please note Hunter is gay, and might not appreciate being kissed by a female
Flirting with this character: Yes. Once again note that Hunter will only flirt back for guys
Fighting with this character: If necessary. Hunter is a pacifist, so won't throw the first punch
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Plot-driven injuries are okay.
Killing this character: Please don't.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Hunter is just your average guy, who was cursed by a witch. So yes, his mind can be read. Please provide notice to the mun.

Warnings: True to the story, Kyle was cursed after making fun of a witch, and his looks became 'different', and thus he became Hunter.

Hunter was told True Love's kiss would cure the kiss. And he did have a deep friendship, one that made him believe that love was possible.

But when they kissed... he felt nothing but friendship. It wasn't true love.

Afterwards, looking into the mirror, into the face that he would wear forever, Hunter started all over again. He is searching for love and for himself

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After the rain let up, and Hunter was able to get home -- he spent the remainder of the evening reflecting on his current mood. He wasn't even able to finish any of the portraits that still needed some work, his mind clouded with thoughts at the Witch. And his father.

The thought of his father in the hospital was the one that bothered him the most. Especially since he had no information on how his father was faring -- thanks to the fact that he was denied access to the hospital room.

Come morning, his mind was made up. Hunter was going to talk to Kendra one last time and try to appeal to her somehow.

But he couldn't trust himself to meet her alone. And pulling out a phone number from the man he met last night -- Hunter picked up the phone. Then he called one William Kent.