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Hunter had concentrated on taking care of himself during the last two days, ever since he had gotten into that fight during his search for Austin. And after feeling healed, and in a better mental state, Hunter felt ready for the next step in his plans.

He needed to talk to his father. And get a message to the FBI agents that were assigned as Secret Service to Rob Kingson's Senate candidacy.

Hunter had sent his father an email to arrange a meeting, and had actually gotten a reply back. So he hoped that was a good sign. All that was left to send an text to Jim, since the Starfleet captain had offered to come with Hunter during this meeting.

Hey handsome. Time to meet my father. Feel ready?
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Hunter paced his apartment, his phone in one hand, and a list of phone numbers in his other hand. He just got off the phone with Marcus, one of the six other people who had been given a gift by Kendra. And had learned that Marcus had been attacked by Austin.

Luckily, Marcus was able to get away, without any major side effects.

But Hunter was now worried about the others. And so he was making calls to everyone else who he had talked to, and warned them about Austin so they could stay safe.

And he knew it was time to face Austin again. But even though he felt like it was an emergency, Hunter knew that it would be better to make sure someone else came with him. He also knew exactly who he wanted to have by his side.

Jim. Austin attacked another person. I feel like I need to deal with this. Are you available to come with me?
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Tonight, Hunter has his apartment decorated with a pirate theme. He had invited Jim over for a movie-watching marathon, so they could watch the four of five Pirates of the Caribbean movies that Hunter owns.

And in addition to having some pirate decorations hanging around the living room, Hunter is dressed in a pirate costume. He also has some special treats prepared for the movie night, which includes caramel popcorn, salt and vinegar chips, pretzels, peanuts and a few chilled beers.

Everything is ready for Jim to show up, so they can start the movie night.
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Hunter has been looking forward to this night for a long time. He has a table booked at his favorite Drag bar. He is looking forward to dressing up, and enjoying a few drinks with two of his favorite people. And he is sure that both Jim and Verity will enjoy a night out on the town.

Right now, Hunter is waiting in his New York apartment, where he is going to meet up with both Jim and Verity. It is the best place to get together, before heading out to the bar. Both Jim and Verity know his PINpoint coordinates. And besides, they don't have to navigate the Drag bar trying to find Hunter.

Tonight, Hunter is wearing a long gold dress. It is designed to show off his arms. And has a long exposed back. The look is completed with an elaborate head piece and deep, rich make-up that flatters his whole look.

He is excited to have Jim and Verity show up and to see their outfits.

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Hunter has received a few phone calls after completing his memorial to Kendra, and getting the opportunity to display the artwork in his dimension. His goal of finding the other people who might have had Kendra affect their lives had been successful. And now he is ready to go speak to them personally.

But first, he didn't want to go alone. And at the same time, he didn't want those he was meeting to know that he didn't trust them. So he called Faris to join him in the adventure. Hopefully he would be able to put more of Kendra's memory to peace by doing this.
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Hunter is hosting a few guests at his Nexus apartment tonight. Hunter had been planning this night for awhile, ever since meeting some of the crew members of Jim's ship, getting to know them better, and then telling them about the Nexus. He has been busy planning for the evening, including grocery shopping for some home-made recipes, and finishing some art pieces that will be given as gifts.

Hunter has arranged so that the PINpoint portal is basically connected to his front door. His open concept kitchen and living room will be the first thing that his guests will see, once they arrive through the PINpoint portal. There is a small closet located to the left of the door where they can place any jackets.

The dining room in the living room has been set with all the dining places for his guests. He decided against placecards, since it is more freedom to allow his guests to choose their own seats. On the island in the kitchen is a large plate of vegetarian-friendly appetizers, which features Lavash bread topped with Guacamole and red bell peppers, alongside crescent rolls filled with Jalapeño, mushrooms and asparagus.

The open concept living room immediately flows into Hunter's art studio, where he has a few pieces still being created. There is a large set of French doors that leads out from the living room to an outdoor patio, where there is a rose garden outside. The every-spanning Nexus can be viewed from the patio balcony. Right now, the Nexus is showing the lakeside, where Hunter had first appeared when he had needed support the most.

There are a few closed doors along one wall, one of which that leads to the bathroom, and the other of which leads to Hunter's bedroom.

As Hunter chills some wine, and checks on his main course, he is pretty ready for his guests to arrive. He is feeling excited and happy to be a host.
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Many thoughts about his latent magic had given Hunter a lot to think about in the past few days. He really wanted to find someone to help him learn more about his abilities. And maybe, help him to become stronger.

Kendra was gone, but that didn't mean there weren't ways to find her. Or at least find the people that were connected to her.

Hunter had spent a few days looking for the right door in the Nexus that would bring him the answers that he sought. And finally, he felt that he had found what he had been looking for.

But before entering into an unknown place, Hunter knew that he should have a couple of people come with him. He PINpointed a message to Jim first, since it was an adventure that he thought the restless captain would enjoy. Then he PINpointed a message to Faris, who had become his story-keeper in a fashion.

All that left was to wait for his guests, before the adventure could begin.
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Hunter is attending an art gala event in New York City to debut his newest creations. The centerpiece of the art show is his newly created Chimera statue, which is situated in the middle of the large gallery.

Other pieces on the wall are all mythological-themed. There are crayon-pencil drawings of famous stories of the Greek Gods and their heroes. There is also a large realistic drawing of Kendra, cropped down to just her eyes, so it looks like she is staring out into the art gallery itself.

There are literally hundreds of people attending tonight. Honestly, it makes Hunter a little nervous being around so many people.

But he is dressed for the event, with dress shirt and jacket and dark blue jeans. He has not been introduced as the artist yet -- but really, that is his preference. He would rather not have all these eyes focused on him. Instead, he can stand near the wall and watch everyone as they tour around his artwork, and witness their reactions.
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The time has come for Hunter to finally get his completed sculpture shipped out of his house. He had been putting it off for nearly a month now. The sculpture was finished just before Christmas, which had given him some time to sent some hand-made Christmas gifts out to his friends.

He had a pretty relaxing Christmas in general, just tiding up around the house because marble dust had seemed to get everywhere. Plus using a marble wax to put a protective shine over the completed art work. Hunter was pretty happy with how the statue had turned out -- each of the three different animal heads looked like they were about to attack. The body itself was in a protective pose, leaving it up to those who viewed it if the Chimera statue was protecting something, or was just on the attack without reason.

Hunter didn't know why it had taken him so long to make arrangements for the statue to be moved out of his apartment and into a gallery, to be shown to the public. After all, the statue itself was quite bulky, and took up a lot of space in his little studio apartment. But there was a piece of his heart attached to the statue, and so perhaps the extra time was needed for Hunter to make peace about what inspired the statue, and where he was now in his life.

A knock on the door signaled the commissioned movers, who would be taking the statue out of his apartment and to the gallery. The one good thing about PINpoints was that Hunter could get the statue moved out of a portal, instead of having to worry about removing any doors to get the large statue out of his apartment.

He watched carefully as they covered the statue, and made the final preparations to move it through the portal into the awaiting gallery. He took a deep breath as they left with it.

The apartment seemed emptier without it... but at the same time, there was still lots of inspiration around him for future art projects. Hunter felt fortunate that he had found the Nexus, the friends he had made since arriving there, and how far he had come as an artist, and a person in general. It was a good feeling. And he felt confident that this would be a good year.
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Hunter walks cautiously towards Verity's apartment door, balancing a few gifts in his arm for one of his closest friends in the world.

He had wanted to do something special for her. He had thought about a surprise party, but wasn't sure if that would cause any issues considering Verity's abilities. Plus, there he didn't want to accidentally not invite someone who was important to Verity.

She was very important to him. And Hunter wanted to show her that, the best way he could. And so, Hunter had worked a few weeks on a few special gifts, that were currently wrapped up in pretty, glittery boxes.

Approaching the door, Hunter delicately balanced the boxes for a moment, so he could knock and let Verity know that she had a guest.
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For the last few weeks, Hunter has been spending a lot of time on his marble sculpture. Most of the sculpture is roughly exposed now, with no large blocks of marble remaining to be seen. But it is now getting to the delicate work, which takes a lot more time and patience.

Hunter has a lot of time and patience right now. One of the nice things about being an artist is that most of his deadlines are flexible. And right now he only has a few other commissioned work, which he is able to work on, during extended breaks away from the marble piece.

Much of Hunter's mind has been on Kendra, and how her most recent dream could have meant that he needs to go back, and reflect on the memories and experiences he had as a child, youth and young man. The life of Kyle, before he became Hunter.

And so today, needing an extended break from the marble work, Hunter decides that perhaps he should take a walk through his old neighborhood.

He doesn't want to go alone. So of course, that is one of the benefits of having a symbiotic creature in his household. He can always depend on Faris being around.

"Faris?" He calls out into the apartment.
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Hunter has been pretty distracted the last few days, working on his large marble project. Working on marble is lot more messy than any painting he has done before. He has a large drape cloth covering the majority of his art studio, to protect the floor from marble dust.

The carving takes time too. He has made a lot of good progress on the upper-half, that if someone tried hard enough to figure out what he was making, they would see the initial signs of a Chimera being carved out of the stone.

But even with the desire to complete this project (which seems to be consuming him at times), Hunter has not forgotten about Faris. Or that he still wants to try to help Faris to find his door, and the one person who has the ability to do that is Schön.

So, Schön was invited over the apartment, so they can discuss Faris' situation and hopefully find his doorway. Right now, Hunter is dusting, so there is no excess dust in the air before his guest arrives.

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The great thing about having access to [community profile] nexus_sages is that it is a great place to RP. And now there are so many plot bunnies in my mind right now. It is great to see Hunter thriving.

Pretty soon I will be moving forward with a 'Witch in Darkness' plot for Hunter. It will include him working through some obstacles to finally find Kendra, and uncover a whole lot of problems. I sort of imagine a secret fairy/witch world just waiting to be discovered.

Also, during this plot, I will be unlocking some minor magical abilities for Hunter. I have decided on art-awakening magic, where he can temporarily give life to a painting or an art piece. He will also be able to awaken the magic in his tattoos again. Excited for this.

In this regard, I have created an NPC journal at [personal profile] maze_ofthorns. At this moment, I have not decided if Kendra will have access to the Nexus Forum, I am leaning heavily on the NO side of the equation.

Anyone on my friend's list who wants to get involved in this plot, let me know by responding here.
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Hunter was laying outside, on a bench in his rose garden. A pair of sunglasses that had once belonged to Lindy covered his eyes. His Ipod set to a variety of rock songs pounded in his ears.

In the art studio, a special canvas had been completed. And right now, Hunter felt very calm about his life. Even the emotional challenges he had faced after attending Lindy's wedding seemed to be miles away.

In fact, he felt a little more at peace. So without even thinking about what might happen, or overthinking things, Hunter picks up his PINpoint, sending a quick message to Wil.

I have a painting for you. Did you want me to drop it off, or did you want to pick it up?
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While Hunter did need a night out at the bar after a troubling week, he is smart enough to know that alcohol is not the best way to deal with one's problems. And he was able to talk some of the problems out with Schön that same night...

But really, there are just times when he needs someone to hold him, in addition to comforting him.

Of course, he doesn't want to show up empty-handed. So he had spent a good afternoon baking, using one of the many ingredients he had since learned from Verity. His final result was a batch of cupcakes, which he then decorated to look like miniature carnations.

Armed with the bouquet of cupcakes, Hunter soon arrives at Verity's apartment. She wasn't expecting him, but hopefully she will be home when he knocks on the door.
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It has been a quiet week for Hunter. One of the advantages of the quiet is the fact that Hunter has had lots of time to work on his artwork. (Perhaps a little bit too much time, in all reality).

So receiving a message from Verity was a good thing, all things considered. Hunter really had wanted to speak to her, about some small things going on in his life. And just have a fun night with a great friend. So they had decided to have a good-ol' fashioned sleepover.

Knowing that Verity was going to stay the night -- and having no qualms with sharing his bed with his good friend -- Hunter had made sure to bring out his best rose-themed sheets for the King-sized bed.

He also raided the closest convenience store to stock up on a few snack goodies for the evening. But of course, for the wine selection of the evening, Hunter went to one of his favourite stores. There he also picked up some cheese selections of the evening.

Almost was ready for Verity to arrive. Hunter's apartment is very open concept. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all visible from the doorway. Of course, his art studio is a little more tucked away -- close to the balcony, and where Hunter grows his roses.